The Challenge

To soften the branding for the public facing side of the business

A Connolly are contractors in the field of social housing and were keen to update their existing branding that dated back to the creation of the business. They wanted to keep as much of the brand recognition they had built up over the years whilst updating to a more modern feel.

Staff were of the opinion that the existing branding was too focused on the industry and neglected the public facing part of the business. so were keen to see something that appealed to both public and industry alike.






A Connolly


July, 2015


How to inject new life into a brand without changing the logo? With new colour!.

A Connolly didn’t want to change the logo too much, if at all and with the brief focusing on how the company could better relate to the public it was agreed that a colour change was the best way forward. Surveying the staff we collected words they would like to think the public would associate with the company. From there I produced a colour palette that best fit with emotions inferred by the collected words.

Bright yellows, cool blues and acid green

Some of the words put forward were; trustworthy, safe, energetic, responsive and variations thereof. So Blues for trust and dependability, bright yellows for energy and greens for peace and serenity and also.. just because!

Christmas Card
Pub Fruit Machines